How to Stop Addiction to Social Media?

Social media addiction is a real problem that has disrupted the lives of many people. Technology has taken over the lives of everyone. Even when working, you tend to check your social media sites for any notifications or updates.

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To stop yourself from getting addicted to social media, there are certain steps that you could follow.

Keep track of Your Usage

Unknowingly people open their social media profiles hundreds of times daily. This slowly turns into an addiction where you will be unable to live more than a few minutes without Facebook or Instagram. To prevent this, you need to prepare a schedule. Keep track of the time that you are spending on social media and keep reducing the time slowly.

Prepare a Routine

The best way to keep a check on your social media usage is through a routine. For example, you can keep 10-15 minutes in the morning and again at the same time in the afternoon and night. Try to stop yourself from opening your social media profile other than the scheduled time.

Detox Each Day

Detoxing is a great way to keep away from your phone altogether. Switch off your phone every day for at least 15-minutes. Keep this detoxing session at a time where you are unlikely to get any important calls or texts. If you feel that 15 minutes would be too large a time frame, then keep it to a minimum of 10 minutes.


Social media is unavoidable, but it should not start affective your mental health and peace. You must stay mentally healthy and take help at the correct time if you see yourself slipping away. Do not ignore social media addiction as it is not a trivial matter.